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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  December 21, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, the world still hasn't ended, so let's watch some grate videos, "right this minute"! outside you just see a raging inferno. but a helmet cam shows what firefighters are doing inside. >> when they rip open the holes -- >> you'll see the uphill battle to get this monster under control. a penguin dad does something -- >> researchers have never seen before. >> find out what led up to the video shocker.
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>> wait! >> he swallowed the baby. and angry madonna tells the crowd -- >> i'm not doing the show, i'm out. >> what it was that got imagine madge so steamed. plus, a sexy santa pulls a very unsexy prank and a dude who may have forgotten something. >> maybe some pants. >> a sad day for some people going into christmas week. about 30 people were displaced by this fire. shot by a neighbor across the street. this is an apartment complex. some reports say two people were injured. this video is dramatic. take a look at this, shot by firefighter kyle rice. it went into the newark, delaware apartment. venting the ceiling. they're taking a tool and jamming it up through the sheetrock of the ceiling and pulling down the sheetrock. and when they rip open those holes you can clearly see the hot, glowing fire and smoke just
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beyond the ceiling. >> what's crazy is that all that stuff that they're pulling on is falling on top of them. >> you know what makes me sad about this video is you said 30 people were displaced. i can just see their pictures on the wall thinking, they're still on the wall, we can go in and grab them. but it's obviously too dangerous for them to do that. >> firefighters will try to recover property. this he tried to save and recover people's stuff. but first and foremost, lives of people and the building itself. >> once they get the holes torn open in the ceiling, they get the hoses in there and try to extinguish the blazes going on inside the wall. >> have they determined what caused the fire? >> they've determined it was accidental. >> such a heartbreaking thing. >> this fire consumed 12 separate apartments. tell me what you think you're seeing. >> penguins, tending to a penguin baby. >> these are penguins in captivity being studied in
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china. but this male penguin, the most dominant one on the screen, does something researchers have never seen before. >> is he playing momma? >> what? >> he swallowed the baby. >> he did, he just ate his baby penguin. whole. >> as researchers were watching the cameras, they saw this father penguin trying to feed the baby penguin. the baby wasn't eating so the father started pecking at the baby. and then just pulled it into its beak -- and swallowed it whole. >> a lot of animals in the animal kingdom. the males will eat the babies if they feel they're sick or unhealthy. >> most people agree that this kind of behavior never happens. >> this is really surprising. because a lot of people saw "march of the penguins." and saw the story about how penguins really care for the baby. >> in the penguin world it's the father who rests on the egg until the egg hatches, it's a
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huge job for the father and they're very involved in caretaking. >> was the chick alive? >> you do see the chick moving. >> you can see that it's moving. >> you do see it moving. >> they are currently trying to figure out what happened here. what's going on. researchers are still investigating the incident. to find out why the father penguin may have done this. madonna's concerts are pretty spectacular. so you can imagine how excited fans get to see her. well this video is from her tour stop in santiago, chile, during her sound check and that's madonna in a big coat, because it looks like it's raining, she's got an umbrella. as she's in the middle of this rehearsal, she smells smoke and that is a big no-no for madonna. she goes as far as to threaten the crowd. >> if anyone is smoking cigarettes, i'm not doing the
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show. i can't stand if you smoke. >> if you're a singer and your voice is important to you. even though i'm sure half the concert is lip-synced or more than half, you know what, people, smoke it. >> some people are with her, supporting her. some people saying she's a diva. she even went as far as in spanish saying -- [ speaking spanish ] >> saying do you understand. >> get real, madonna, you're in a stadium which looks to hold 100,000 people and she wants not a single person to smoke. she's not locked in a phone booth. she's out in the open-air arena. there's not even a roof on this place. >> if you love me, then don't smoke. >> who knows what the smoking laws in chile in a public venue like this are. but it didn't matter to her. >> in the video, the description wrote that she didn't perform the first part of her show. you know they paid a full ticket. >> that's wrong, wrong, wrong.
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>> i'm not kidding. these people were on the road and look what happens as the dust storm rolls in. >> here we go. >> ow, that hurt. >> as you notice, the sky gets darker and darker. >> i can't see anything here. >> you can see about five car lengths in front of you. but pretty soon, you can barely see past your hood. >> i can't see hardly anything. >> it's worse than fog. >> they tell you when you're driving in that, you have to be really careful, you got to put our lights on and don't follow eople to a series of chain-reaction accidents because of this dust storm. and one person died in one of those accidents. >> there's a car. >> this is where you want to pull over. you don't know where you're going. you don't know if you're on the right side of the road until another car comes your way. >> i can't see a damn thing. >> it makes you wonder should you pull over and turn on your hazards. because you can't see that. somebody could drift and hit you. >> a couple of rules for driving
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in dust storms that they recommend. don't stop, pull o'er to the side of the road and turn off your lights. >> i bet you turn off your lights so people don't follow you. >> i can't see a damn thing. >> an update on the two women -- >> undergoing cavity searches on the side of the road. >> now they are speaking out about the video that has america outraged. >> at that point she told me to shut up and listen. and all is calm until -- whoa! >> what the heck
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you guys might remember yesterday we had this video on our show. it's dash cam footage from a state trooper's car in texas. the two women you're seeing, angel and her niece, ashley, undergoing cavity searches on the side of the road.
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now the two women are speaking out. >> turns me around, goes down into the front of my pants, into my inner thighs and at which point she comes up, with two fingers and i just look at her and say, oh, my god i've just been violated. >> one of the most disturbing things that these women say, 24-year-old ashley, angel's niece, she describes the experience. >> she actually dug, i didn't know what i could say, what i could do. i felt hopeless. >> you remember this video was released because these women are suing. because of the incident. >> you think? >> their lawyer had something to say. >> we believe that both troopers displayed a reckless and callous disregard for these women's constitutional rights and their safety. >> these women say they don't want this to happen to anyone else. because there is now a legal case pending, trooper kelly
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hallison, the woman seen performing the search in the video has been suspended with pay pending the results of this investigation. >> in this hundreds probably thousands of videos we've seen on this show, nothing comes close to this. sun and snowboarding have never mixed better before. check this out. this is dave lee and signal snowboards coming together and partnering with a company called power films solar. the guy is a local snowboarder in mammoth. he's shredding on this brand-new snowboard out there. what makes this such an electrifying run? because the snowboard is solar powered. >> solar board, crushing it. >> what's it powering? >> it can power and charge your cell phone, your ipad, your ipod, whatever you've got with you. they custom-built this snowboard, using this power foam
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solar material. it went on the top of the snowboard. it's got a little battery that charges up in a ubs port. whatever you've got on you. plug it in and you're charged. >> the power pours in from the sun. we've got our contour, our point and shoot, go pro and our battery pack. and the iphone 5, all of them charging. >> i love it. i think this is gold. >> i don't understand it. you get water, you'll get -- your product will be ruined. >> you're not going to keep your phone plugged into your board while you're riding. but the battery pack is going to charge while you're out riding all day. when you come into the lodge, you can just plug your phone into the snowboard, let it charge up for a little while. you don't have to go searching for a plug in the lodge anywhere. >> i can't believe my phone is charging from a snowboard. steve green and his
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girlfriend, brie, completed what i think is the grossest, most diabolically disgusted santa prank. >> she's dressed as a sexy santa trying to get the attention of passers-by? >> yes. >> i don't think this prank goes like she expected it to. >> she just peed her pants. >> so sorry, i had a lot of in anca t fries and then you're just like -- >> she's explaining her gut rock. >> he went and got her a napkin. >> he didn't just run away. >> watch what this guy says to her, after the incident. [ inaudible ] >> that is weird. >> you got to love dudes. >> i just [ bleep ] myself and you're inviting me back to your place to make out? >> dudes don't care. >> not all dudes were down with it like that brother was, that guy just backs away. >> it's so gross. it's like running down her leg. >> if you noticed, way up on her
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thigh that seems to be something attached that's squirting. >> is someone going to do something? >> this is poetic. what she's doing is about the gross and creepy as the guys approaching her. >> watch this whole thing, uninterrupted, go to our website, and watch best of rtm. an ugly standoff. >> the man in the striped shirt gets him into a headlock and the man falls to the ground. >> it doesn't end there, see what happens when things get heated at the pump. and learning how to write a joke with jerry. >> we stared at it like an alien spacecraft. >> sees funny, even though not a finished joke,
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we've seen many convenience store robbery videos, but none like this one. at least not this speed and weapon used in this case. the store is in saudi arabia. >> you can spot the clerk sitting right behind the register with his cash box right in front of him. you see one customer come in the door right past the clerk and another man come in and then almost immediately, turns to the clerk and breaks a bottle on his head. >> they don't seem to have guns, except one glass bottle. there's a struggle between the two men and the clerk. they throw him out of the store. one of the robbers comes back,
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opens the cash drawer. takes as much money as he can before running back out. and then you see the clerk come back in, he goes around and realizes that these men stole cash. >> the guy that stole the cash, where did he go out? i didn't see him leave the store. >> through the front door. >> he did? that was quick. >> in this gas station surveillance video from florida. we see an argument between two parties at the gas station over a pump in this four-door sedan is a family. and in this truck is another family. and both parties have some sort of a verbal confrontation. as paul was trying to drive away. you see francisco and another man wearing a striped shirt come up to the car and pull paul out. the man in the striped shirt gets paul into a headlock and a man falls to the ground. that man is francisco, because he's just been shot by paul. who had been in a headlock.
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>> is this a stand your ground self-defense kind of thing? >> investigators are saying that paul shot francisco in self-defense and he's not going to face any charges. francisco, on the other hand, was shot in the stomach and he does face charges and jail time for this altercation. over a gas pump. big time shopping no-no. this is surveillance footage from a shopping center in china. pay close attention to this escalator. >> whoa! >> what the heck was that? >> that was a shopping cart that almost hit this small child. a mom and a small child had just stopped. it looks like she was fixing his coat and this shopping cart just shot off of the escalator barely missing this small child. >> it was on the escalator? it was one of those escalators that carry your cart up or down for you? >> no, that's why this is a big shopping no-no. someone tried to take the cart onto the escalator, it got stuck and ended up being shot off the
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escalator on the next floor. >> those things are what, 20, 30 pounds? >> heavy metal and sharp edges. look at how close it comes to hitting this child. the mom reacts quickly and pull the child out of the way. >> that child really was lucky. i know you think people are going to interested in not. >> if you're a jerry seinfeld fan, you're going to love the video that "the new york times" magazine put together. they interviewed jerry. describing how he wrote the pop tart joke. >> it's a fun thing to say, pop tart. i like the first line to be funny right away. when i was a kid, and they invented the pop tart, the back of my head blew right off. >> he's got all that yellow legal pad that he scratches on and he use as very cheap pen. >> i don't like that cursor flashing, looking at me like -- so? what you got? >> do you have a special pen?
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>> yes. the bic clear barrel blue. which i wrote every episode of "seinfeld" the tv series, with that pen. >> look, you've got a seinfeld pen. >> i've got the seinfeld pen right here. >> the pop tart suddenly appeared. in the supermarket. and we just stared at it like an alien spacecraft. and we were like -- we were like -- chimps in the dirt playing with sticks. >> it's funny. even though it's not a finished joke, it's still pretty funny. this isn't just a joke, it's a whole bit. >> in my world, the wronger something feels, the righter it is. to waste this much time on something this stupid, is, that's, that felt good to me. >> you want to see this entire video, go to and click on best of "rtm." >> chimps? chimps are funny. he's a guy who started
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singing to sell fish and became a viral sensation. we've got an update for you. >> little hamid got a record deal and has released his first single. >> are you kidding me right now? >> see the music video that people are calling the new
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this is called the firewall. it's created using a piece of spandex that's been stretched and using a series of code and a
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connect. they were able to project an image on to this screen. >> it stretches as you move it. it moves along with you, that's so cool. >> isn't that cool. >> not only that, it starts playing music based on how fast you're moving the material. >> they have another one where it's a little bit more of a frantic image. it's almost what i would consider like electrical music. ♪ >> almost. it's like sparks flying out of your hands. >> it seems to be like a children's museum. kids would love this thing. >> you guys might remember this viral sensation from several months ago. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> that's mohammed from pakistan, he moved to england in order to study business. >> do you think that he learned this at business school when he went there to study. >> i've got an update on the one-pound fishman. mohammed got a record deal with warner music group. >> appreciating me right now. >> here's his first single "one pound fish." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i can see the disgusted look on your face, nick. guess what, this story gets even better this single is now topping the charts. in the uk. >> this is so, so incredibly sad. you know how many talented artists are out there trying to make it that are probably crying in their fishsticks right now. >> i don't care how good of a singer you are, he's got to have a hook. he's got a hook, a one-pound fish. >> what's amazing is a major
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record label would sign this guy. >> everybody who meets him thinks he's a lovely guy and that this couldn't happen to nicer guy. >> please don't touch me, i don't want to wake up. >> what i love about this whe >>if he's living the dream, i'm listening to a nightmare. i hope i never have it hear this song again. ♪ ♪ >> you're the biggest dork. ♪ >> beth, you're going to love this because this is something that we love to call porn for women. >> oh yeah. >> basically, men doing chores. >> sexy. >> do you see that? >> do you see that. >> snow is everywhere. he needs to take out the garbage. so he's only got his boots and his underwear and a ski cap on.
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he rolls the trash can out. has to hide behind it when a car comes by. then it gets stuck. >> he takes the time to put on a ski cap and some boots, maybe some pants? [ laughter ] >> i think it was more to just give the kids a laugh. >> watch daddy be a goof in his underwear. that's what i think is going on here. >> that's it for our show, thanks for joining us, have a great weekend. and we'll see you next for the next edition of "right this and we'll see you next for the next edition of "right this minute"! -- captions by vitac --
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